Surprise Undies Club

Beautiful, comfortable, made to measure under crackers delivered to your door once a month.

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Gallery of past gorgeousness...

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Commited to buying from small fabric houses and independant designers.

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Bringing you bold, funky and long lasting knickers

"Every month I think these are my new favourite pants. How is she going to top these?"                          Lindsay, early subscriber.

"I LOVE them!" Tamara, subscriber and tester.

How does it work?

Select from the subscription options below. When you click the button you'll be taken to my Direct Debit partner 'GoCardless' who process your monthly payments on my behalf. Fill out the mandate form and submit. You will then be redirected to a page on my website where you can submit your measurements, any special requirements and preferred style of undies (be it thong, boy short, cheeky or highrise apple catchers).

At the moment I don't have a standard plan for man pants. This is as there's a lot more cloth that goes into some styles than others and the family jewels need the right kind of support. Cick here to use the contact page and once we've discussed your requirements I will set you up a custom plan.

Undies club UK £12.50

One pair of surprise print undies delivered monthly to any UK address.

Undies club Europe £15.00

Billed and made monthly but ships every other month to keep your costs down.

Every other month you will receive 2 pairs of stunning pants.

Mummy and Me up to size 8y £17.50

One pair for mummy and a matching pair for a small person.

If a boxer or fly is required please drop me a message and I will arrange a custom plan as these are £1 - £2.50 extra.

Mummy and Me up to size 12y £20

One pair for mummy and a matching pair for a small person.

If a boxer or fly is required please drop me a message and I will arrange a custom plan as these are £1.50 -£3 extra.

Good to know

A few bits of extra information to help you decide if undies club is for you.

Where my payment provider 'GoCardless' uses direct debit to collect your payments if you sign up right at the ened of the month your club payment might not be fully set up in time to got out on the 1st of the following month. If this happens I will need to send you a one off invoice for that month.

Thank you for understanding.

With all the patterns I use I've made a few little tweaks and changes to them to bring them true to your size and make a more comfortable fit but in general terms:

For ladies I use the SAUT and RAD patterns

Kids I use MBJM after a lot of trial I found that they were truest to size and comfiest for most kids.

For men I use various RAD patterns they have the best bollywog space and support according to my testers. I find them pretty comfy too but apparently my opinion doesn't count.

If there is a particular style or design you like do let me know, I can usually accommodate it.

Why am I happy to tell you this? Because I use patterns from independent designers who deserve recognition for their fantastic work. 

While I'd love to have you with us for ever I know circumstances change. Undies club is an open ended sign up, you can leave when you'd like but ideally I'd like to have you with us for at least 3 months.

If you want or need to leave; drop me an email and I will cancel your membership, but you're always welcome back.

Of course! But if you could try to stick to one style for 3 months at a time to stop my brain from melting that would be ace. Just pop me a message and I'll swap you over from those full coverage boyshorts to something a little skimpier if you like.

Again not a problem. While I can't go and adjust your old pants I and make new pants a different size. Just message me with your new measures. Heck if you're currently pregnant I can make a few small adjustments to your style to accommodate bumpy.

From the 1st of the following month, when your first payment comes out. If you would like have this months pants you will need to order a pair of catch up pants click here to go to the catch up pants listing and purchase those. Make sure you select the I've just joined option. You can also some times get a pair from past prints if I've got the cloth. They're a little more expensive at £13.50 but this is because I do most of the work on the 1st and 2nd of the month.

I aim to ship in the 3rd week of the month. As existing members will tell you sometimes this slips backwards and forwards a bit. I've got a fire cracker of a 3 year old and (writing on 3rd Oct 2020) I've got a shoulder and back problem that gives me gip, slowing me down and ruining my carefully planed schedule.

Please follow on Instagram , Facebook and/or the Facebook group for regular updates.

Fantastic! Me to, I will keep an eye out for those kinds of themes if you let me know. But I start buying 6months in advance, I may have something that fits the bill in the works or it may be a new idea. Remember the pants are a surprise, I don't normally give hints. If I've bought 10 or more meters of a cloth you may find it working its way into undies club. Or maybe not.

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

It doesn't mean I won't make everyone else spider pants but I'll go through my stock cloths and secret stash and pick you something amazing!