Bra Guide

Getting the fit of your bra right is going to depend on a number of factors from boob shape to boob size, your height to your personal preference.

I ask you to fill in a number of measures at the point of order to ensure the fit is comfortable and supportive. I rely on you to take these as accurately as possible to ensure that I'm making to the right size. 

Each Bra comes with a little card which lists these measures, the additional features it comes with and the pattern sizing that has been used. If I've had to completely customise this you may see the words 'custom' or 'graded from' in these slots.

Fun Fact: the primary support in a well fitting bra comes from the band, not from the straps. A good bra is basically a boob shelf!

So which measures do you need to to take? Well there are lots that I could ask you to provide, but I've chosen to focus on some key measures. Depending on the answers I may ask for additional measures and\or a bra on picture of your boobs (nothing kinky just so I can accurately judge any specialist fit requirements. If you know you have a specialist fit requirement do send me a pic (quoting your order number) right off the bat, with any information you have handy.

If you have someone you trust who can help you take measurements great it will be very helpful.

HOT TIP: Make sure the tape measure is level wonky tape measures can add as much as 3-4" to a measurement.

Measurements are always best taken either naked or in light loose fitting clothing.

Upper Bust: this measure is taken right up under your armpits, around the boney bit above your boob mass. This is more important for some bra styles than others but it can help me resolve fit problems in all styles.

Under Bust: this measure is taken right up under your boobs, right below where the boob finishes projecting. When I take this measurement I pull the tape measure fully cut the blood circulation tight and then gently allow it to relax to comfortably tight. This allows for a comfortable and supportive fit. NEVER take this measurement while wearing an underwired bra.

Full Bust: this measure is best taken 3 times in 3 positions and the result averaged out. I ask you to provide each measurement individually and average them out myself. This is as if there is a huge discrepancy between them you may have a specific fit requirement.

  • Standing, take this measurement standing tall, with the the tape measure around the widest point. Keep it level. NOTE: if, like me, you are a member of the saggy boob brigade and the girls are attempting to become acquainted with your belly button take the naked measurement but also take one wearing a light non padded bra and put that measure in brackets in the appropriate slot.
  • Laying down, lay on your back on the tape measure and allow the girls to fall where they may, wiggle the tape measure so you can measure round the widest point.
  • Forward fold, form yourself into a right angle from the hips and keeping your back parallel to the floor and your neck as straight as you can (if you need to relax it is not the end of the world). Let the girls swing free and measure round the widest point. Yes, you will feel like a berk doing this, but have fun with it.

If you have physical limitations and are unable to provide all three measurements, I am able to work from one or two perfectly easily, but it is more accurate to work off all three. You're ordering a custom bra and I want to ensure the fit is fantastic, the more information I have the better the fit.

HOT TIP: When measuring full bust try not to compress the mass of the breast, you can reduce your measurements by more than 2" which can lead to the dreaded 4 boob effect!

Why have I asked for your height? This will effect the 'apex' of your breast. If you are particularly tall or short I may need to make a small adjustment to the strap length.

Bra Fit Certificate

Each bra comes with a fitting certificate .  This will show the measurements it has been made to, the style and features in the bra. It will also have a scrap of the cloth stapled to the back so you know which bra it is associated with.

This is to help you in a few ways:

  • if it's working for you, it makes it easier to re-order as you've got all the information right there. Use this to fill in your order form. If you have special fitting notes when you get your confirmation email through or on the order notes copy this text out for me so I can replicate this.
  • if it's not quite working for you you can give me this information and your fit issues and we can work on building a better bra.
  • if you change shape and want to sell the bra on all the details are there, written down carefully.
  • it means I don't have to put uncomfortable labels inside my bras which, quite frankly, I hate doing. 

I recommend you keep these cards in the bottom of your underwear draw nice and safe. When you sell your bra on please make sure the card goes with it, this will enable to new owner to make informed fit choices in future. 

(Please note the measurements in the depicted form are a random set of numbers and features. I have not made it so it can be followed in anyway to find someone's correct fit.)