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I ship based on weight and operate a system of partial refund for overages. Everything (except undie club) is sent 2nd class signed for domestic and tracked and signed for international.

  • Domestic:

1st Class Signed

Up to 100g £2.70

Up to 200g £3.50

Up to 500g £3.80

Up to 750g £4.70

Up to 1kg £7.00

Up to 2kg £10.50

Up to 5kg £17.00

Up to 10kg £23.00

2nd Class Signed £1.50 per 100g

Up to 100g £2.40

Up to 200g £3.00

Up to 500g £3.40

Up to 750g £4.10

Up to 1kg £5.00

Up to 2kg £6.50

Up to 5kg £10.50

Up to 10kg £21.50

  • International (EU): 

Up to 100g £11

Up to 500g £12.50

Up to 1kg £14.50

Up to 2kg £16

Up to 3kg £18

Up to 4kg £20

Over 4kg is currently set to £50 but please contact me arrange shipping pricing separately as I will need to arrange a courier. Thanks.

At the moment I only ship to the UK and Europe.

But I live in the US/elsewhere :( 

Sorry guys the cost of insurance, shipping and the legal niceities are a bit much for me at the moment. Trust me I keep revisiting the issue as I'd love to help!

The answer to this is a little tricky...

In-stock ready made: I only ship once or twice a week. In part due to COVID and in part because I have a whirlwind 3 year old running around. So usualy your order will hit the post box in 2-6 days and then 2-3 days after that it will hit your door mat, subject to the post running to time.

Made to order:  My average making time is 6-8 weeks. at busy times this could push out to 10! I won't compromise on quality to get things done faster and at the moment there's only me and the odd spare pair of hands. I will always have my current lead time posted on the front page. After production and packing your order will go out on my next postage day.

In COVID times please give it extra time. The post office is really swamped and our brave men and women in shorts are doing their best.

The Royal Mail consider Items lost after 10 days but in practice may not consider a claim until 28 days after it was due for delivery.

In the event that your parcel hasn't arrived please contact me as soon as possible. I will check with royal mail if it has been signed for/delivered and if yes I will escalate this with them, to see if a miss deliver has occurred. If it has been declared lost I will remake your product where possible with priority or refund.

As much as it can be. I use home compostible and/or recycled packaging where ever possible. There are a few areas where its not possible for a completely eco solution at this time due to either availability or cost but I'm always working to replace these items.

Some times. Please contact me prior to placing your order. It is very hard for me to make to order at speed if iy is possible to rush your order without compromising other clients I have standard hurry up fee of £10 per item.

Please bare in mind that I am not Amazon or a similar retailer, I never gaurentee next day delivery. My standard shipping has a 2-4day average lead time once shipped.

Exporting my product to Europe just became a whole lot harder due to Brexit. Unfortunately as I'm not a 'big player' customs duties, VAT are payable by the customer. I am not able to effectively estimate what they might be as each country is different and sometimes it seems to come down to what mood the person checking boxes in customs is in. But rest assured I will always do my best to ensure that the correct paperwork is there to ensure a smooth trip through customs.

Fit/size Guide

Undies Style Guide


Washing is a very personal activity; my recommendations are based on my experience and best practice should you choose to wash differently you do so at your own risk.

Once used rinse in cold water, squeeze out gently (do not wring) and pop a wet bag or bucket unsnapped. If a bit dry at this point application of some plain soap and a little rubbing can work wonders to prevent staining. This said I don’t this and only once had issue. Busy ladies cant always rinse on the go, folding and waiting till home to rinse is fine from time to time as is leaving to soak in a lidded container until the evening. Try not to leave for more than 2/3 days before washing.

Pop them in with your regular wash at 30C, maximum spin 1200 and cool gentle tumble if you like. I recommend air drying if possible. Should staining occur place them damp in a sunny spot on either line or windowsill. Do not use fabric Softener/conditioner, this will coat the fibres and make them significantly less effective.

After a few washes your pads may feel a little thinner as the fibres settle, which is normal.

If well cared for the cores should remain effective for many, many washes.

All my materials are rated to 40C so they should be fine there, 30C is better for the life of your pads and the environment. 60/90C there may be shrinkage, curling or damage to the snaps. The pad may still be usable, but absorbency and comfort may be impacted. It is possible to replace damaged snaps.

My pads are safe with either bio or non-bio as I use hemp rather than bamboo; there is evidence that the more delicate structure of bamboo can be ‘eaten’ by bio detergents. On talking to various users, they prefer the choice to use either detergent type so my pads use hemp. I recommend using a product with low levels of perfumes and optical brighteners if possible because less is more when it comes to intimate health.

Some detergents work better than others in certain machines and areas with hard or soft water. 

NO! Fabric softener will prevent your pads from being absorbant. Do not use it or you will end up with leaks.

All my pads are pretty side up. If you do put them on back to front they will absorb a certain amount as I don't use PUL in my 

Anecdotally some women report a perceived lighter flow with reusables so I recommend starting with a medium or a heavy depending on your flow. Choose a pad length close to your usual length but between 9” and 11” is a good starting point.

For more detailed information See our 'Buyers Guide'.